Monday, October 28, 2013

Thankful for Season of Reflection

Great Egg Harbor River New Jersey - by Blake Spencer 

self revelations and life giving experiences 
have been unfolding 
in this time i have not been blogging

crevices of my heart and mind
are filling up with new found 
confidence, and joy

in these past months i have 
been profoundly overwhelmed 
by the love and vitality of the congregation 
i currently serve

i love these people
i simply love these people

i've also witnessed sweeping change 
in new jersey
with the adoption of 
marriage equality
having the absolute privilege
of hosting BENN a community organizer
who has helped to pass 
"gay" marriage in a number of states

BENN and others like him 
have helped to create a future for me
and many others like me

i've also moved to a new house
and this time the house 
feels like 

and on the 27th
i celebrated 2 years of love
i met the man i love
precious, gentle, sweet

these are a few experiences 
creating a sense of peace
in my life

will guide my words
as i 
begin to 
write here in this 

you are welcome 
to come along 

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