Sunday, November 24, 2013

fully showing up

what does it take
to fully show up
in your

some people...
like my
son for instance
was born this way.

from the youngest of age
he walked into a room

for other folks
it takes a longer journey
to fully show up...

for me
it has taken a longer journey
to show up
more fully

to show up
confident in who i am
and who i am not

joyful enough
to know i have something to offer

at peace
that i don't have
to constantly prove myself
but just be.

it's that love yourself part of
what jesus says
when he said

"You shall love your
neighbor as yourself."

i'm not talking
egotistical love
or i am better than you kind of love.

that would stand in the
way of loving others.

i'm talking about
love enough to
show up
as if you

as if you yourself
have something
valuable to offer

as if you yourself
are loved by others.

it's a circle
a continual wrestling match
an up and down journey...
this showing up
fully stuff.

i've had a glimpse
and an experience
of fully showing up

i've seen and experienced
what my son
was able to see
and claim
at such an early age.

i'm seeing it now in my
daughter who
has deep wisdom at 21...
wisdom that took me 48 years
of life to claim.

i am more
fully showing up
in my life now
and there is
no turning back.

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