Friday, August 16, 2013

breaking my self-imposed silence

i'm interrupting my period of self-imposed 
bloggersphere silence 
for an important occassion 

it's my momma's 

that's my momma and me in the pic above 
she's still as beautiful
i'm bigger now!

on this birth
for my momma
i want to re-print some words 
that have become 
some of my favorite words 
written by 
macrina wiederkehr: 

What is home but that place where 
your name becomes precious, 
the place where your name finds its power? 
You find power when you are at home
because it is there that you are 
loved, cherished, and accepted as you are, 
with all your frailty, fears, and flaws. 
It is there in that lovely dwelling place called home
that you discover you don't have to be perfect to be loved.
There at home, you are able to embrace the truth
that it's part of your life's journey to be in process.
You don't have to be finished to be good. 
You don't have to be finished to see your splendor.
What is home but that place where forgiveness 
stands at the door, peers out the window,
and rushes down the steps to meet you? 
You may be thinking, "I've never felt that kind of home."

macrina goes on to write
but i stop here to say
i have been more than blessed 
to have experienced the kind of home she describes

my mother is one of the 
very important people in my life
who has loved me
in such a healthy and whole way 
that i have been able to 
to not only get a glimpse of 
who i really am 
i have 
finally grasped 
with courage and gratitude 
the life i was born 
to live

my mother not only birthed me
she embraced me
she protected me but at the same time
nudged me to be strong and independent 
she listened

oh my lord 
has the women listened 
to my words 

and because she listened 
i re-discovered again and again 
how deeply i am loved

because she listened
i found my way

my mother has in the core of her being
the very stuff that
those who came before us had...

you know those 
women who made there way west 
in wagons and horses
and pioneered 
wild and beautiful 

my mother is one of those 
who has the beauty and the tenacity 

to make things 

she's one of those 
TEXAS women that make people 
proud to be a TEXAN

i am proud to be 
the son of 

happy birthday 
to the best momma 
a boy could have. 

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