Thursday, April 4, 2013

bridge with a see through floor

Bridge at Mo Ranch in Hunt, Texas
"The Cat Walk" 

culture shifts
as it always 
as it always has
and always will

it is a proverbial
a see through floor
that is scary to cross

once you cross 
the bridge 
with a see through floor
several times
you know 
you will make it
that you are safe
and will remain safe

culture shifts
and it scares some people

there is always 
not ready 
for the shifting 
nature of culture

i remember when 
mixed race couples 
were the cause of heated 
especially in the south 
where i grew up

i heard prophecies of doom
and hell fire
and yet
life goes on
and yet
mixed race
marriages didn't 
nor did it hinder the 
ability for others to 
have a loving relationship

culture is shifting again
and some are afraid
some doubt 
they will 
have the ability to cross
the bridge safely

now we debate
same sex 

it is said by some
this will re-define marriage
but how do
two loving 
committed people 
an institution that is all 
about love
and commitment

there is no 
re-defining going on here
it is simply
a new chapter 
for marriage

and this is a good thing

yet some are afraid
and they yelp out their 
fear with 
ludicrous accusations
saying same sex
marriages will lead 
relationships with 

i'm not sure 
where this idea
comes from

i think once
those who are so 
afraid of the changing
get across the 
bridge with a see through floor 
and discover 
they are going to be 
the words of fear they speak 
will turn 
to peace

and we will discover
yet again
that cultural change 
is not the stuff of doom
but the 
expansion of life

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