Friday, April 5, 2013

love is...

love is not a 
straight thing
or a gay thing

just as love is certainly 
not an ethnic thing
or a 
1st world 
3rd world thing

love is a 
human thing

love is a GOD 

and GOD'S
is for 
every person
every kind of person
even those people
we personally 
don't like

love is not a 
owned and operated by 
you or me 
or them or us

you cannot know
why i love who i love
just as i cannot 
know why you love
who you love

you cannot know the specifics of
how GOD has 
loved me
just as i cannot know the specifics of
how GOD 
has loved you

love is a gift

love cannot be 
or legislated 
and that in itself
is the very beauty of love
and why loving
is always full of surprises
and beauty deeper than we 
can fathom 

and we've lived long enough 
by now 
to know 
that there is always 
more to learn about 
from the bible

so much yelling about 
love these days
so much...

can't we 
stop yelling 
and just love? 

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