Sunday, March 17, 2013

your stones are my garden

and sticks

it's been said they hurt
and that words don't 

and this is
has been 
always will be
a lie

words hurt
as deeply 
as sticks and stones

throw the first stone

go ahead
those of you 
who see the sin 
in others
throw the first 

seems stone throwing
has been justified through the ages
still today

those who throw stones 
with their words
have convinced themselves
the bible is on their side

"we have authority 
because the bible tells us so"

and yet
the same bible 
tells me
that i am loved

"we have GOD on our side
the stone throwers say"

and yet
GOD is the very one
who greeted me
after i fell to my knees and 

after i said 
i am so sorry for being ashamed of my life
i am so sorry for hating myself
i am so sorry for rejecting the beauty 
you planted within me

GOD not only greeted me
but filled me with grace
overflowing grace
grace enough to heal 
the brokenness in my life

and yet those who hold stones 
are not satisfied with my repentance
with GOD'S gift of grace 
with new life i have 

so they stand 
holding stones
some fly at me
others remain as a threat

and then it occurred to me
the other day
when a friend 
became angry 
and said 

"but i care....people are throwing 
stones at people i love"

and i said
thank you for loving me
but know this

i've figured out how to 
catch the stones that others throw at me
and i am 
busy making 
a beautiful 
rock garden

so throw your 
any way you desire
throw them with pious indignation 
or judgement 
it does not matter
i'm catching them 

and each one 
is a gift of grace
a reminder of what 
GOD has 
done for me

throw your stones
my garden 
is becoming quite beautiful!

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