Wednesday, March 13, 2013

hope and the pope

what is a protestant
to think 
on this day of 
election of a new pope

as a liberal protestant 
don't sequester myself
in a bubble 
of piety

i understand 
GOD working 
and loving in all 
corners of the church

i hold out 
with hope 
that all the barriers we have 
with our liturgy and non liturgy 
with our music and traditions 
can still be 
permeated by 

i hold out with hope 
that somewhere along 
the line 
women and gays
will find 
not only 
safe refuge 
but encouragement to 
fully belong 
and serve

i hold out with hope 
that those who 
are in power 
will not be stiff necked 
when it comes to 
matters of 
and equality

i hold out with 
but i'm 
not sure what 
to expect from the pope

my protestant 
leave me a bit

i'm from a perspective
that reformation is possible
within our lifetime

i'm from a perspective
that expects GOD to 
reform the ways of our 
thinking and loving

i will hold out with hope
but i remain 
unclear as to 
what to expect from the pope

for now
i'll work in my corner of the 
church for reformation 

for now 
i'll work joyfully 
with the people of 
ocean heights presbyterian 
egg harbor township
new jersey

they are teaching me
how awesome it is to 
take risks and to love big!

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