Tuesday, February 19, 2013

today is a nana day

seems to be one of those
made for sitting in
a chair next to my nana
and simply listening

she loved to talk
tell stories
i loved to listen to her

and days like this
were made for such

my nana
was one
and unique
human being

that's her above
leaning on the shoulder
of a statue
on a bridge above the
river walk
in san antonio

i took her picture
in the late seventies

in the late nineties
i posed
for a picture
in the same spot

i just found these
pictures again
and just in time

because i needed
a moment with my

she always made me laugh
always made me
feel loved

she always
filled my life with
laughter and love

i'm sitting next
to my nana
for a bit

because today is
made for this

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