Wednesday, February 20, 2013

safe place

a safe place

of all places
a church
should not only
strive to be a
refuge but
be a refuge

almost every community of
faith hangs out a
welcome sign

almost every church
says all are welcome


offering a welcome
does not always
equate to being a refuge

what does it mean
to be a refuge
a safe place?

is it possible for
everyone to feel safe?

is it possible
to truly welcome
all people?

it certainly is
a question to ask

is a safe place for some
not safe for others?

public opinion of church
and rightfully
is shaped by those
churches and
religious institutions
who have
proven by their
beliefs and actions
to not
be a
safe place

these blunders and
abuses affect all of us
no matter what
brand of faith we

i need a safe place
to believe and pray
to work and fellowship

i know others
need the same

during this season of
i will spend some time
thinking and praying
about what
it means
for the church
to be a
and how we go about
creating a safe place

a place where
and grace
and love
are evident
and real a place
where welcome
not only implies refuge
but creates refuge

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