Sunday, January 13, 2013

toe hoo vo bo hoo

we’ve come to define 
the random dark void
of the first moments
in scripture....

the toe-hoo-vo-bo-hoo (hebrew term)
as being the stuff our our fears, 
that place where all the things 
we don’t like about life bubble to existence

and yet God 

in God’s mind

dark randomness, 
and void does not threaten our existence
but is only that place where life first emerged

its the original geography where divine, 
holy-filled breath had its first pulse
giving way to life as we have come to know it.    

the mystery 
and i suppose some of the angst of life 
is this random reality of chaos 
which is at the core of our existence. 

you see, GOD doesn’t erase 
the toe-hoo-vo-bo-hoo. 
on the contrary!  

GOD breathes into the crevices, 
into all the nooks and crannies of the 
constantly changing chaos - void 
and creates a new reality

a reality where the void and the darkness,
the chaotic change and nothingness 
are used like background canvas 
upon which God the Holy Artist 
paints life into existence
where the order of light and land and beasts and humans emerge. 

in other words, 
we don’t exist without chaos/void and change.  
our lives are not separated from the original 

the constant changing dark void 
mentioned in the first words of 
scripture is incorporated into our breathing and living.
And the good news is:  

GOD knows about 
the random 
messiness of life
in our lives
and GOD
gives us 
a hand to hold
a shoulder to lean on 
an encouraging word to hear.

and that's good
that GOD 

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