Saturday, January 12, 2013

part three epiphany

part 3

some of the bitterness and hurt from the past 
felt lighter as if i had knelt down 
before the unexpected presence of GOD 
and encountered the very love and justice 
the ancient prophets had spoken

as if i had the opportunity 
to take in my arms the very presence of GOD. 

it was an epiphany and it left me marveling 
at the mystery and wonder of GOD.  
it’s not what i expected. 

i’ve grown accustomed to the idea 
that we bring our gifts and offer them 
without much expectation that GOD 
will do much more than offer 
a little encouragement and 
send us on our way refreshed 
so that we can do more with our gifts. 

i didn’t expect GOD 
to break open my story, our story. 
i didn’t expect the long time 
hurt in my life to heal.  
i didn’t expect the 
ability to see and encounter 
other people in such different ways. 

i didn’t expect how easy it has become
to lay down long time convictions and 

and yet, this is the epiphany event:
our invitation to kneel down 
with humility and gratitude 
and go home another way. 

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Anonymous said...

Well, laughing pastor, this story made me cry. Thank you so much for sharing it. Epiphany indeed. It is a new day and a new life for each of us and all of us.