Wednesday, August 22, 2012

the end of bumper sticker faith

matthew vines
an articulate
young man
speaks the truth of his life
after much study 
what he has come to learn 
the bible 
says and does not say 
about homosexuality.

it takes some time
to listen to his presentation...
it's a bit over and hour.

sadly many won't take 
the time to listen 
to all the video.

sadly in our day 
and age we prefer 
bumper sticker messages 
and sound bytes. 

it's your call.
here's the link:

i for one 
will say 
matthew speaks 
for me.

recently i and the church 
i serve were described as 
morally rebellious....
and to this i 

it is not morally 
rebellious to 
stand against 
biblical interpretation that 
is based on poor scholarship
and continually produces
which is a nice way to say 

and yet
i and others will continue 
to be called rebellious
for affirmation, acceptance 
and inclusion of 
LGBTQ children of GOD
in the church. 

and so be it.
men and women 
far greater than me/
even JESUS himself
was labeled rebellious
by others. 

i am not rebellious.
i am free!

i will no longer 
subject my self esteem 
or life value on 
the words of 
christian's who 
fail to consider the fuller
context and history 
of certain biblical passages.

i will not base my understanding 
of scripture on 
bumper stickers 
and sound bytes. 

1 comment:

stasisonline said...

But if you stand against biblical interpretation that is based on poor scholarship and continually produces
mis-information, surely you would not endorse Matthew Vines' presentation? Is it not the case, as hinted at below, that most scholars would not find Vines' overall theology compelling?