Thursday, August 23, 2012

guide my feet...

"guide my feet 
while i run this race 
for i don't want to 
run this race in vain"

i love this hymn
really it is a 
an african american spiritual 

a song added to 
the presbyterian 
hymnal in the 80's

a song people love 
because of the 
soulful rhythm
and the simple 
but powerful message

but as any spiritual goes
it doesn't get down deep 
into ones soul
until there is a real
reason to sing it.

for sure 
there was a real reason 
to sing this song
when it was first sung
when it came to be for the first time
when it spilled out of the mouth 
of one longing for freedom
for a new day
for dignity and life.

there was reason 
then for this song to 
be sung.

for me
this song 
hit deep down in my soul
when i first heard it
and each time i sing it.

guide my feet 
hold my hand
stand by me
i'm your child
while i run this race
for i don't want to run 
this race in vain. 

guide me
hold me 
stand by me.

i've moved from 
closed tight secret denial
into the light of 

i've moved from 
prickly shame 

guide me
hold me
stand by me
i'm your child!

i'm free!

so when those 
who are threatened by my freedom
or offended by my freedom 
tell me 
my freedom is a mistake
and that i was never in denial 
but am in denial now

here's reality....

the dark secret door of denial 
has opened 
and it cannot 
will not 
ever again.  

i'm done with shame.
i've done my homework.
i've dug deep
and discovered
the gift
only GOD can give!

guide my feet
hold my hand
stand by me
i'm your child! 

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