Friday, August 24, 2012

life is a journey

pushing away 
is a mechanism 
designed to protect.

is a reaction to 
keep fear
at a distance.

giving up,
caving in
are ways of 
allowing other 
stories and people 
to take precedence 
without having 
to take personal risk 
or to become 

wise voices continue to speak 
in my realm of living
reminding me...

pushing away creates a 
false sense of security.

resiting fear 
does not eliminate fear. 

giving up 
caving in 
does not create 
or maintain peace. 

each of us journey through 
these "things"
and to suggest we don't
is an illusion...
is a lie. 

these "things" 
have dictated my life
but for the most part 
that is the past.

i'm not pushing away
giving up or 
caving in
so much 

in the midst of grace
and encouragement 
i am able to write and speak...

i am not afraid of life.
i am not afraid of the future.
i am not afraid of living. 

i am not afraid of living into 
what is ahead of me. 

i still don't know 
what is around life's 
i just know
i am more willing
to let the story unfold
and my gut reaction is 
not to 
push away 
give up 
or cave in.  

some days are confusing
and more...

but under the surface of it all
i've found
the still waters
and green pastures...

i'm learning
how to live there now. 

i'm not gloating 
or bragging 
i'm just saying
i am more able to 
understand what it means
when it is said...
life is a journey...

some things i give up and let go.
some things i take in and hold.

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