Wednesday, August 15, 2012

i do love to laugh...

since it is 
in the name of my blog
it seems appropriate for me
to address my love
for laughter from time to time.

those who just read my
blog and don't encounter me in person 
may wonder if i really do laugh.

i do.
i do.
i really do laugh 
and love to laugh. 

i've been blessed to 
have folks in my life 
who make me laugh.  

one in particular 
is responsible for 
starting and ending my day 
with a deep down laugh.
he's clever 
with his words
and has a memory like
a hawk.

i love that!

yesterday i got a laugh
when a friend sent me a 
facebook message 
that she enjoyed 
reading my "blot"!

i know it was a typo
and she meant blog
but "blot" 
may best 
describe what i do in this space.
no matter...
it made me belly laugh. 

today a man who came 
to replace the mother board on 
my six month old computer
speaks with an accent
so i said so.

"you speak with an accent." 
because every time i speak in 
this land called 
new jersey 
people tell me...
"you have an accent!"

the repair man's accent was south african.
i told him mine was 
he said,

"i didn't notice you had an accent." 

that made me laugh!
he also said I was the first texan 
he had every spoken too.

so in the midst of 
finding perspective
and living life...
        even when it doesn't 
        read like it
 my life is filled with 

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