Wednesday, August 1, 2012

grace and love for life


several of us 
stood on the sidewalk 
out front of the local chic-fil-a

we didn't stand there to deny anyone 
of their right to buy or enjoy chicken 
nor did we stand there to 
tell people what to believe.

we stood there to offer
another face to 
christian faith
to share that not all 
christians condemn 
that some christians 
understand the difference 
chosen lifestyle
and GOD given identity.

we stood with a message of 
hope in the face of what 
sounds like fear and hate. 

    if your words sound like 
    fear and hate
    then they may well just be
    fear and hate.
    if you do not intend for your 
    words to be 
    fear and hate
    then it might be time to 
    use different words!

fear and hate are dangerous
and can create 
life threatening situations.

as we stood out front of the chick-fil-a today 
a women took effort 
to drive her large vehicle near us to yell
out her message:

my response...

i give thanks for my life.
i give thanks for the life of the one i love.
i give thanks for the lives of many.

this is the prayer...
that those who struggle with life
in particular those who 
struggle with their sexuality 
find hope and grace enough 
to have life...

the statistics are evident.
those wrestling with 
sexuality issues 
often wrestle with 
life issues.

if you are in a moment of hopelessness
or know someone who is...
please use and or share the information 
for the 
national suicide prevention lifeline.

she yelled.

and this is one 
very important reason 
we stood out front of the 

that others might 
and have life.

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