Thursday, August 2, 2012

ministry in the aftermath

in the midst of it all 
there is love.

one high school friend 
texted me last night
frustrated with all the 
"chicken" controversy

i know
it's the way stories come and go 
these days.

we overdose 
on the latest
tasty morsel of drama
only to wait
for the next story.

and drama 
come and go
and yet
real people
with real stories
in the aftermath of all
the nouns and verbs
and actions.

it's the aftermath
where ministry continues.

i heard an old favorite song 
this morning:

wandering shepherd...
wander no more...
lay down your troubles
your worries and woes.

traveling pilgrim...
rest for the night...
sup with the savior 
and drink of his light.

homeless believer...
find here a home...
you may be lonely 
but never alone. 

yesterday people of faith rallied...

and in the aftermath 
there remain
many who seek 
a home...
a home where 
they can be known
belong, and rest
and where 
and labels such as 
and aberration 
are no longer
used as instruments of hate. 

"what's the different between you and 
the other group on the lawn"
the woman driving by asked 
those of us gathered at chick-fil-a yesterday.

i answered...
you will have to ask them who they are
and what they are about.
as for me and mine

we simply do not 
and will not 
condemn others. 

we'll stand in the face of those 
who criticize and label 
non condemning faith as weak
but we will err on the side of love

we will diligently work to not only 
utter the belief 
of unconditional grace
but to live it. 

behind bumper sticker messages
there are real people 
with real stories
and this is where 

as i've said countless times these 
past six months....
i am blessed to serve a church 
who reflects and respects 
the diversity of God’s world around us
in age, gender, race, ethnicity, 
sexual orientation 
and mental or physical abilities.

there is ministry 
in the aftermath. 

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