Tuesday, July 31, 2012

another serving of chicken...

august 1st...
is not 

tomorrow when the flocks 
stand in line and 
wait at drive-thru windows
to order sandwiches
and nuggets,
fries and drinks...

it's not about chicken
nor is it about 
the freedom 
for a 
or his company to speak.

it's about 
and condemnation 
and the denial of 
human rights.

it's not about 
the faithfulness of a 
chicken sandwich maker
it is about 
the insistence of 
a particular brand 
of christian faith in america
to promote 
and ultimately hate. 

as a human race...
we've been down this road before.

as a country...
we've been down this road before. 

and if you have forgotten 
then read up on your history.

but it takes time and effort to read history
and this is the problem...
so many people 
unwilling to remember,
unwilling to ponder and think
about their convictions, words and actions 
and how it all reflects the same bigotry
we've witnessed and experienced in the past. 

"but we have the BIBLE!"
it is said.

"but this issue about GAYS has nothing 
to do with civil rights!"
it is said.

and yet,
the same degradation, 
discrimination and hate
that cost the lives of others in the past
is costing lives now
all the while using the 
same arguments 
and excuses.  

this is not about chicken
this is about the persistent ignorance
and hatred that works to define 
other humans as 
less than human!

there is history
and ton's of modern scholarship 
to read
so as to understand 
why this issue is not about "chicken" 
and has everything to do with 
bigotry, and hate. 

but it seems history will 
repeat itself....
it seems the chicken is just too tasty
and will be bought and eaten
at the cost of the
dignity and lives
of other humans. 

"when i was hungry,
you fed me.  when i was thirsty
you gave me something to drink." 

many children of GOD
hunger and thirst...

this is not about chicken!

1 comment:

Lee said...

Preach it! I couldn't agree more.

I grew up in the church you're leading. I'm many miles away now, but I see my parents are in good hands with a caring congregation and terrific new pastor. They may not follow you into the new location, but their friendships will remain.

My parents told me you recently had a very nice visit with them in their house. I appreciate your kindness and friendship toward them, as do they. I'm hoping to meet you in person one day.