Monday, July 30, 2012

thoughts about a chicken sandwich company

stoles of LGBT pastors 
displayed at the general assembly meeting
along with their stories 

with gratitude i am able 
to wear my stole as i continue 
to actively serve the church.

many lgbt clergy are not
able to their ministry.

with gratitude i am serving
a church (denomination)
that is changing, 
living into grace

i'm filled with gratitude 
that i have space 
to speak and serve.

after many years of closeted silence
i now am able to speak.

in light of the recent 
offenses of a certain chicken sandwich company 

and in the wake of those 
who ask
what the big deal is...

this is an occasion to speak.

here are a few thoughts 
i've had this past weekend:

1.  i don't and won't rely on the 
     c.e.o. of a chicken sandwich company 
     to interpret the "real" meaning of the BIBLE
     or to define how GOD intends for me
     or anyone else to live life.
          the c.e.o. of a chicken sandwich company 
          has one main concern....

      and i for one do not recognize this 
      man to be a prophet!
2.  chick-fil-a might as well hang 
     up a sign reading:

          W H I T E ' S    O N L Y !

     though gays can buy their chicken sandwich
     and sit in their restaurant and eat...
     they dine at a high personal price
     for the chicken they eat becomes profit 
     for groups whose work is offensive and abusive. 

3.  people i know are writing and saying
     that freedom allows a 
     c.e.o. of a chicken sandwich company 
     to say and believe whatever he wants.

          and this is true.
     and other's who like what he says 
     can speak and hand over their money to make him rich.

          and this is true.

    but when a backlash of offense is voiced
    and the same people who say there is freedom
    for a  c.e.o.  of a chicken sandwich company 
    to speak....
             but those who voice offense are defined as
             ridiculous, annoying, 
             uncivil, and vitriol....

          such an argument is not logical.
     if we live in a country 
     where we can speak freely,
     then i and others can freely 
     speak our offense
     with boldness and volume. 
          no one has to listen to my words
          just like i don't have to make 
          the c.e.o. of a chicken sandwich company 
          by eating his chicken. 

4.  if we are what we eat
     then i suppose it matters what we eat.
      if you are not bothered by the fact that 
      the profit of a certain chicken sandwich company 
      funds organizations that slander and abuse
      GOD'S lgbt children....

      if you are not phased by the fact that people you 
      know are deeply hurt by the ongoing 
      judgment and condemnation  
      of those who call themselves 
      evangelical christians...

      if you can swallow fear and mean spiritedness...
      then by all means
      go eat chicken this wednesday
      and make a certain c.e.o.

5.   this is not about chicken.
      this is about the rights and dignity 
      of lgbt men and women who are:
      faithful ministers, elders and members 
      of CHRIST'S church; loving parents and children;
      hardworking AMERICANS; dedicated friends....
      people you know.

      people who live moral, ethical, faithful lives.
      people who GOD created and loves.


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Jared said...

If I get sufficiently thirsty on Wednesday, I may make a visit and let them answer the call of Proverbs 25:21 when I ask for a free large water.