Tuesday, August 7, 2012

without peace we can't hear

do we not trust
to be loving enough
powerful enough
to heal 
our brokenness...
to turn our anger 
into laughter?

or do we believe our
power and perspectives
and decisions are 
wise enough 
and loving enough to 
trump GOD?

or do we believe our
perspectives and power 
to be all that matters?

it's tuesday
and i still don't have answers
as to how we might 
(as a culture
as a church
as individuals)
stop repeating the same
dysfunctional cycles.

all i can do is speak for myself.

i remember when my 
big brother used to 
pin me down to the ground.
he was exponentially
much larger than i was
which meant 
when he wasn't using all his strength
he still had the ability to hurt me.

i would yelp
you are hurting me!
he would roll his eyes
and say
i'm barely touching you.

but it hurts 
i would reply.

he would eventually 
let me go
but maintain that he 
had only barely touched me
and that i had been over 

i've made my amends with my big brother
i've also learned through some rather
difficult life experiences 
that i am not over 
when i sense 
that i am being hurt.

options are available 
in such situations:
walk away
or respond 
with words or actions. 

which option works?
which option creates new life?
which option stops the 
dysfunctional cycle? 

i can no longer hide...
i'm done with that option.

i am also not capable of ignoring
hurtful words and actions.

so i'm left with the two remaining options
walk away
or respond with words and actions. 

one person i deeply love 
has taught me 
there are times to walk away 
and there are times to 
follow through
with words and actions. 

it's tuesday 
i'm left 
and yearning 
that i 
that we
better learn how to 
balance our lives...

to know when to walk away
and when 
to speak and take action. 

to know when to let go of
and when it is 
time to grab hold of.

as a country
as a church
as individuals
it seems we are struggling 
to balance our lives
and until we do
we will 
struggle to experience peace.

without peace you can't hear me.
without peace i can't hear you.

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