Monday, August 6, 2012

and what did we accomplish?

after all the words last 
week about chicken 
and the right to 
buy chicken 
and the right for
a certain chicken owner 
to speak and spend his money

after all the gathering...
     some of us on the edge of the front lawn 
     offering our story
           others of us standing in line 
           to eat at the table of privilege

after all the words and opinions
i'm left wondering...

where did it get us?
what did we accomplish?

it seems we keep doing the same thing
over and over again 
all the while
expecting different results
but only landing ourselves in the same predicament. 

so i wonder...
where did we get with all our words last week?
what did we accomplish? 

i am left with particular questions...
how many times is it required 
to offer the warning 
the threat 
that certain ones are destined to hell?

how many times must it be said
"you are an abomination?"

so the chicken owner didn't say
he said 
the coming of GOD'S wrath.

how many times does the 
threat of GOD'S wrath 
have to be hurled?

i for one have heard the warnings
and threats.
i've heard
and i've grown tired 
of trying to explain my life to 
those who warn and threaten. 

like them 
i keep saying the same things
over and over again.

i do not read the BIBLE
the same way you do.

i understand GOD'S
grace differently than you.

GOD has affirmed me
and confirmed me 
despite your warnings and threats.

we say the same things
over and over 
and where does it get us?

have we already spoken 
too many words?

is it too late
for peace 
to be a reality?

does partisan 
politics and theology 
take precedents over 
GOD'S ability 
to heal?

the chicken mess of last week 
is only the latest version 
of our dysfunction
as a culture and a church.

in some ways 
it is playing out as we speak...
somewhere in a big or small way
the dysfunction continues.

sadly we don't have to be on opposite ends of the 
political or theological spectrum 
to continue this saga.

this monday 
i am pondering...

how many times does one have to be right?
how many times does one have to win an argument?
how many times does one have to wield power over another person?

how many times and 
how many words
and how many arguments and debates
does it take 
to feel like 
we have purpose and meaning in life? 

how many more arguments,
disputes, debates, 
motions, votes, 
actions and re-actions 
can our 
can the church withstand?

i don't have the answers this monday
i only have the questions
and the desire
to find another 
way of 
and living with each another.

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