Friday, August 10, 2012

foundations, rock and roots

my rock
the roots to my story.

my foundations
my rock
and my roots 
come with 
faith in GOD
but also 
through people...
people who have loved me
people I love.

one of those people 
i will forever love 
is my ex wife.

i've spent a lot of time
telling my story of coming out
breaking through denial
moving into 
new life. 

is a mystery to me.
i can't fully explain it 
or understand it.

all i know is my story
and any 
one who knows my story 
knows that i was 
faithfully married for 22 years
to a most fantastic woman.

but you're gay
how do you explain that?
how do you explain all those years you were married?
what about her?

what about her?
i love her 
and always will.

the woman i spent half my life with
taught me love
and courage.

she has her own story 
and she can tell it.
i have my story 
and she will always be part of mine.

despite how others 
might define how i love
and how i have been loved

will forever love 
the woman i shared 
half my life with.

we will forever be family.

as much as everyone says 
how courageous 
i am...

i'm here to say
my courage
comes from
a foundation
my rock
and deep roots.

my story is not my own.
my story involves 
the love 
and the courage 
of my family....
the wife i shared my life with..
and the children we raised.

my integrity
is not my own...
it has everything to do 
with those i love
and will love forever.

i've been deeply 
deeply blessed
my family...
and maddie. 

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