Monday, July 23, 2012

start with love

my friends children, but their family too...

to love
and to be loved.

to hold a hand
and to have my hand held.

to share life
and to share my life.

that's pretty much it.

that's pretty much 
all anyone wants.

doesn't much matter 
if you are 
black or white
straight or gay
married or single
rich or poor
legal or undocumented
liberal or conservative
fundamentalist or conservative
filled with joy 
or filled with grief.

when you strip away 
all the stuff we carry in life
all the stuff we hide behind

all that really 
matters is: 

love and be loved.
hold and be held.
share your life
so i can share my life. 

in our best moments we speak GOD'S intentions:
we welcome without condition
we allow you to come the way you are
we aren't afraid of questions or doubts
we embrace diversity
we reflect diversity
we love.

in our less than better moments we fall short:

"why are you doing it that way....
it's just wrong."

"we welcome you...
but we already do things really well. 
just keep that in mind." 

"we welcome you....
but you will have to change if you want to stay."

all anyone wants is to love
and be loved.

but for some 
love is not enough.

some say 
if you come as you are 
we can't love you as you are.
if we did
then you would not grow
you would not mature
you would not deepen in faith.
and yet
if you don't love me
the way i am
the way i come
how can i 
trust your love?

if i am to grow
deepen in faith

if you are to grow
and deepen in faith

then you
then i 
must first love.

start with love.

without condition.

start with love
not with 
or explanations
or expectations.

start with love.

if we cannot be loved
then we cannot love

if we cannot love
we cannot be loved. 

start with love. 

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