Thursday, June 21, 2012

thank you for being a friend...

photo by wm. blake spencer 

she was a co-worker
and remains a friend
and the time came 
for me to tell her
that i was
and am gay. 

she's an insightful person,
i knew she had been waiting, 
she sensed something had been looming. 

"you know i have something to tell you.
don't you."

i remember her saying, 

her "yes" 
was her way of saying:
go ahead
speak your words
everything is going to be fine.
i am your friend
and i will not abandon you. 

and so it was...
i was safe.

and so she was...

breaking silence,
admitting denial,
speaking the truth...
a person discovers 
quickly who his 
or her friends really are. 

she is the best kind of friend to have.
and she is the kind of friend 
YOU want when 
everything in your world gets turned upside down.

i told her my story.
she listened. 

i told her my story.
she cried.

i told her my story
and she promised to remain. 

she did more than listen too.
good friends do more than listen. 
she nudged me to do the right thing 
on days when i wanted 
nothing more than to give up 
or explode with emotion. 

one night she sang me a song.
after parking the car she grabbed my arm and said,
listen to this song.
and she sang with the c.d.

her voice is beautiful
and she brought alive the words
i needed to hear. 


just yesterday i was in the grocery story 
buying a few things
and that song played as i was 
rolling my shopping cart down the 
chip aisle.

all the sudden
the words washed over me again
and i remembered her sweet voice singing.

i stood next to the pretzels 
as other shoppers 
pushed past me on either side.
and i texted her
to say.....

thank you.
thank you for being my friend. 
body needs 
a good friend 
especially when 
life gets re-

i found out 
who my friends 
really are
when i found the 
courage and the freedom 
to speak 
the truth of my life.

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