Tuesday, May 29, 2012

a time to trust and to speak

a rainbow.

we see a rainbow and
tell the story of promise and life.

we say
devastating floods
or any other such event
there is something else...
something else other than
judgement or tragedy.

the assurance of life
and the confidence of promise
does not belong to a select group of humans...
just as a rainbow
arching across the sky can't be in the
possession of a few.

a rainbow.
we see a rainbow and
tell the story of promise and life.

we say
despite our overwhelming ability
to disappoint GOD...
GOD does not give up on us.

a rainbow
reminds us that
any judgement to be had
belongs to GOD...
and any promise to be offered
is GOD'S to offer.

so it is...
we've been given this story
handed down through the generations.


and so
the time has come
yet again...

when the denomination i belong to
(presbyterian church u.s.a.)
will gather representatives from across the nation
as well as the world
to do the work of the larger church.

and so
the time has come
yet again...

to debate and wrestle and pray
about many issues
but in particular
issues concerning

for the most part
homosexuality has become
a dirty word in the church...
the source of much fear
and the arrogance that comes
when people claim the
right and the power to judge
as if they were GOD,
the maker of rainbows.

so for a time
here in this space
i'll share and ponder
what it means
and what it is like
to be
in this country
and serving in the church.

though i have proven
here on this blog
by sharing a variety of stories and topics
that there is much more to my life
than the fact that
i was born gay.

it seems this is important
to talk about
because this remains a
topic dividing the church
and culture. 

i remained hidden and silent
most of my life.
while others took the risk to speak
and tell their story...

and because they did
i have the courage to do so now.

simply put
it is my turn.

i give thanks for
GOD'S promise
and for GOD'S tenacity
to stay by my side
i finally trusted
to speak.

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