Thursday, May 24, 2012

hate is hate

words of hate!

that is all there is to say
about the preaching
of the preacher
north carolina.

his idea:
cram all the lesbians
and gays
behind barbed wire...
drop some food so they can eat a bit
and simply wait for them to all die out.

how far removed are his words
from the words of one like
who basically did what this
preacher suggests.

he's a radical
this preacher in
north carolina
it is said...

even those who are
of the mind that the
BIBLE condemns
people who are born
in the corner of the family
labled lbgt
say this preacher is radical and wrong.

how far removed
are the words of this radical one
from those who use the 
to exclude and condemn.

past expereince
teaches us
the distance between one radical
hate preaching preacher
and one who uses the BIBLE
in a so called "kinder" more "gentler" way
to condemn
is not far removed.

fear based hate
comes in flavors...
and no matter what flavor of hate is served...
the end result is

hate is hate.

how anyone in the church
can justify
hate of any flavor
is simply

i for one
will trust the
to be the good news of
GOD'S unconditional love...

i for one
will trust GOD'S
to have
the final word.

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