Thursday, May 10, 2012


go sit in a field
and think for a while.
allow your heart and your mind
to open and bend
and expand.

then take time
to listen...
fully listen
to the other.

i suppose since i just wrote those
words i should be ready to
hear someone tell me
to go and do the same.

well i have
and i continue to do so.

in the process
other people have opened up to me
about the truth in their lives.

they've told me things
they fear telling others.

they've told me things
they long for others to know.

it comes with the calling
as a minister...
to hear life stories,
fears and regrets...
hopes and

but i've been told that
not all ministers are good at listening
and i have personally
experienced what it is like
not to be heard.

so i suppose my
willingness and ability to listen
goes beyond the calling to ministry.

but please hear me out...
this post is not about
tooting my own horn
to tell you  
how great i am...

it is simply about
what happens
when one human being stops
long enough to listen
to another.

i've personally discovered
freedom and love
from others
and for others...
all because
of the willingness to listen
and to be heard.

i've been on both sides of the listening.

we are entering a season of election
and opinions, decisions
and polls,
debates, editorials,
and speeches
will fill every crevice of our lives.

in the church i serve
we will gather this summer
for our general assembly...
another occasion
for decision making.

and i just
who will be
courageous and wise
enough to listen
and hear...

everyone wants to be heard
no matter what side of
an opinion or vote!

but along the way in history
we've listened deep enough
to determine and distinguish
voices and stories
leading us
to justice.

not all words,
not all stories,
not all votes
lead to justice.

who will have
enough to
and open the way to justice.

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