Tuesday, May 15, 2012

well call him what you may.

from one perspective
this picture and these words are offensive....
no different than when
those defending the rights of
african american's
in the fifties and sixties.
their brand of love
came with slanderous name calling.

the president's voicing of support
for same sex marriage
no doubt causes a reaction
and has and will come with
slanderous name calling.

on the other hand ......
go ahead and call him what you want.
go ahead and call me what you want.
go ahead!

for me
the name calling no longer hurts.

for me
i'm thankful for the president
and his words.

for me
his words represent a
cultural shift.

i don't think we are that far away
from the time
when those who
currently hurl mean spirited
slanderous names
and speech against homosexuals
will be considered
hands down
across the cultural environment
as being
not only politically incorrect
but iimmoral and illegal.

in a way the north carolina vote
may have just pushed the cultural tide
in a different direction
and not in the direction many 
in that state were hoping. 

no matter what side you stand...
name calling
is name calling.
prejudice is prejudice....

history teaches....
mean spirited
name calling
rooted in
prejudiced views
will not have
the last word. 

1 comment:

Reverend Shawn said...

I want Barack Obama as Prime Minister of Canada !!!
He is truly cool ... and our world is a better place because he looked into the eyes of his children and HAD to speak up and speak out!!!
He reminds me more and more of Martin Luther King Jr, who withstood the slings and arrows of his critics (even AFTER death) and changed the world!!!
Let them call him whatever they need to to feel better ... President Barack Obama ranks up there with President Jimmy Carter as one of America's GREAT ONES!!!
They both lead by example !!!
AND they both live and lead by values of just and inclusive faith!!