Wednesday, May 9, 2012

beautiful name

a picture from gatesville, tx
the downtown square at sunset
with the reflection of the courthouse
by wm. blake spencer

what is in a name?
that is the question!

the beauty of a name
is more often than not
connected to the one who is named.

the stories and personality
the gifts and perspectives
the struggles and achievements
the laughter and hope
of the one named
brings life to the name.

what is your name?
how do you bring your name alive?

the church i am serving is about to move
which requires changing the name.

it is an interesting journey.

if you changed your name
what would you choose?
would your new name
impact your life?

we pondered lists and lists of names
hoping one would jump off the page
and be so tantalizing
that the mere speaking of the name
would create the reality of new life.

some say the name Jesus does this.

we didn't consider
Jesus Presbyterian Church.

i do think what we discovered
is that the name we do choose
is really secondary to the
stories and life we bring to the name.

the words we use to welcome people,
and how we use our hands to
bring alive what we say we believe
will indeed
make the name
we choose

i suppose the same is true
for our own name.

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