Tuesday, May 1, 2012

wag more and stop riding my bumper!

It's interesting...
there is a bumper sticker
that reads:

wag more
bark less.

i have dogs,
i get it.

i know people...
i understand the message.

i've witnessed more than once
the very person with such a bumper sticker
barking up a storm.

it's sort of like the person who
tail gates you...
and when you pull over suddenly
to let them pass
and they pass....
and when they realize you pulled over
just for them
they offer an expression
of shock
as if you have done something
terribly offensive!

i wasn't going fast enough
in your opinion
and let you go by...
why is this offensive to you!
(and by the way
i was going 5 miles over
the speed limit!)

we humans have annoying habits....
and even more exasperating
we spend so much time
dwelling on these things.
(like this very post!)

i heard a song today
by mumford and sons
it sang:
we are created to meet our maker.

the song goes on to imply
that it does matter how we
spend our time and root our energy...

for if indeed we are created
in GOD'S image
then there are
more joyful
things, events,
for us to
for us to
dwell on.

so today...
i offer a smile
and a word of peace
to all those barkers
who know they would
much rather
be wagging and all
those tail-gaiters
who speed by
to get to the red light
at the same time i do.

i've decided that
the rest of my life journey
needs a lot more
and laughing and

that is my
for today.

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Woof :)