Saturday, May 5, 2012

i'm on the beach

the beach
on the shore...
it's just down
the street
and over a bridge.

why not go?
not everyone can.
so i did

for some...
for one...
the beach is life giving
where safe
and peace
where future
is as possible
as the endless movement of water,
as precious
as a hidden shell
peeking out from the sand.

so i went
to the beach.

the waves rolling
in and out...
out and in
like the
passing of time.

memories folding
on top of each other,
stories overlapping.

of what was
and what might
be -

i sat
i waited
i took it all in
as much as i could
as much as i can.

i'll go again,
i will.

i'll go
and the stories will
crash together again...
as old chapters
as new chapters

as long as i'm
near the shore...
i'll go to the beach,
i'll be there waiting
for all that comes
when one waits.

the water rolls in
the water rolls out
and in

just like

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