Thursday, January 26, 2012

somewhere in time and along the way

peer in san clemente, california

along the way
in this time called interim 
i have had the blessing of
wandering and wondering
seeing and savoring.

buffalo, rochester and niagara
los angeles, san fransico, 
san clemente, san diago,
nashville, gatesville, 
north and south jersey,
new york city.

in the theme of forrest gump
i've walked and driven
more miles than any other
time in my life.

each place,
each mile,
each person
uncovering a bit more of 
GOD'S intention 
for my life.

along the way i've had no clue 
what to expect
which has required 
like i've never trusted before.

surprised by the unexpected
i've become witness
to the gentle
persistence of

words i've spoken 
now i've lived
GOD behind me
GOD beside me
GOD before me.

i prepare again
to say good-bye
to say hello
to give thanks...

for i do not do this alone
that is my gift...
i do not live this alone.

along the way
i have discovered again 
the gifts that will always be mine

somewhere in time
these gifts are always mine
no matter what.

along the way
i've learned to open my life
to new gifts,
new beginnings,
new stories
yet to be written.

along the way
and somewhere in time

that is what 
i am.

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