Wednesday, January 25, 2012

traveling with good company

this month i took a journey 
from sea to shining sea...
from south jersey to 
los angeles to be exact.

breakfast in the morning in mays landing
dinner in the evening in silver lake.

i met my new home in 
south jersey at exit 36
and celebrated the birthday 
of a friend on the west coast.

a delightful journey indeed.

on my trip back 
to my current tennessee home
i stood in line at the airport
and noticed who was 
on the standby list
with a request for an upgrade.


the "m"
i'll let you translate.
the GOD...
well that one i will just trust
and appreciate on my own.

not sure the upgrade
was offered
so i'll never know 
if GOD 
got first class
or aisle or window seat.

i on the other hand 
landed the exit row with 
extra leg room.

a delightful journey
in so many ways.

stand by
and amen. 

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