Friday, January 27, 2012

covered by generations

my great-grandmother's 
hand work remains.
evidence of her nimble fingers
piecing together quilts
made from strips of 
cloth from clothing worn 
by my ancestors.

the quilts survived a house fire
and remain a link 
to stories and lives
of folks i only know
through faded 

one of these old quilts,
i use. 
on cold tennessee nights
i cover myself 
with the colors and
stories from generations ago.

on chilly nights and early mornings 
as i reflect on my life, 
sometimes worry about my life...
i realize the significance of being 
covered and nurtured
held and hugged
by the treads and stitches,
pieces and knots 
of the quilt 
and of the stories 
created by the hands of my great-grandmother. 

i am wrapped
in history...
and with this
i am comforted
and covered by
who have come before me.

with this history
i gain courage 
and am bolstered by love
to step into 
my future. 

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