Tuesday, June 21, 2011

There's no place like home.

In Junior High I moved to the
room with the window at the
left of the second story.

When I go home to visit though...
I sleep in the room
I had when I was in elementary school....
that room had a window
looking over the back side of the house.

I suppose if there is a definition
of home....this would be

Macrina Wiederkehr
"....at home, you are able to
embrace the truth that it's
part of your life's journey
to be in process.
You don't have to be finished
to be good.
You don't have to be finished
to see your splendor."

Ahhh.....there it is.
The home pictured above...
the tangible wood, glass,
grass and doors, rooms and
deck and driveway, closets
and cabinets and carpet.
This through the years has been
a place I call home.

But none of these tangible things
create the space that is home....
the reality of my home
are the two parents who live
in this house....
who have lived in this house for
46 years.

They love me.
They listen to me....laugh with me....
cry with me....and
continually dream with me.
They allow me to be in process
and they recognize my goodness
my splendor even though
I am not finished.

no place like home.

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