Monday, June 20, 2011

another step in life

my daughter and grandson


my daughter
an over 800 of her fellow
high school colleagues
on a sunday night
not long ago.

watching her walk
in her high heels and robe...
well it was just
one of those moments in life
when all the sudden
come crashing together.

of course i cried.
i cried for those
precious moments i got to hold her
when she was an infant.

i cried for the courageous

moment she received her black belt.

i cried for her tenacity and grace

and unconditional love she
lives everyday.

i cried because her mother was right
when she wrote...
when you have street smarts
and natural born smarts
you are unstoppable.
my daughter is unstoppable.

i cried for lost moments and
days as a result of divorce.
i cried for the new found
love and stories we have.

i cried
because i am the man i am
i am the father i am
because of
people like my

my daughter did it.
and she continues to do it.
she lives life
with integrity
and courage
and joy.


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