Saturday, December 11, 2010

snow in the forcast....roof needed

It will snow
Sunday night
they say.

in the city
need shelter.

On nights such as these
there are not enough
regularly scheduled

there are enough
church buildings...
just not
enough church
willing to
open their doors.

Lot's of reasons why.

"We don't have enough
people to make it happen."

"What if those people
steal something,
break something,
mess something up."

"It will increase our
electric bill and our budget
is already stretched."

Excuses offered with reason.

But not much about the story
we focus our attention on
during this time of year
is very reasonable.

No room in the inn.
Giving birth in a stable.

I know....
yadda, yadda, yadda
we've heard it all before.

Deep down the story
is so far removed
we don't put ourselves
in the moment,
the situation.

We sit in the comfort of
our sanctuaries
and forget
how many
are not so comfortable
or welcome.

Thankfully the church
I currently serve
continues to open
their doors.

This Sunday night
it will snow
and a
and warmth
will be provided
for a few
who need such things.

I don't take this occurrence
for granted...
I can still hear voices
from the past
"We just can't open
our building in this way."

I can still hear
voices saying,
"We're a friendly church."
while at the same
time whispering
"What if those kind of people
start coming to church."

So at the church
I am currently
they not only say

words of radical welcome
they print it on every door of the church:

Second Presbyterian Church
welcomes you to join us in our journey of faith,
regardless of age, race,
sexual orientation,
economic or family status,
ethnic background,
mental or physical abilities.

Radical Hospitality
is not always based
on reasonable explanations.

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bettyl said...

Good for you and your church! There certainly should be more churches that have more faith than fear.