Wednesday, December 8, 2010

1995 Advent Reflection

An Advent Book of Meditation
compiled in 1995
was at the bottom of
a card board box
in the corner of my

I leave the filled
moving box
in view
a reminder
of my

The little
called out my name.
So I opened it
and was reminded...

Not all memories
of 1995 are
precious ones...
especially the ones
that played out in one
church at the time.

And yet
in the midst

of power plays
and gossip
other such things...
these words were printed
in this little booklet
that has persistently
moved with me
from place to place.

I just now opened it
and the first words I read:

"On November 15th
James W. Spencer
made his quiet entrance
into the world.
No hovering family,
no interested mother,
no father in sight.
But he did have a God
who provided for him
and two people
who were crazy
with love for him..."

Another page turn
and these words awaited...

"The way may be bumpy,

or even

Jesus' assurance to be with us
in every situation and circumstance
does not take away
the pain or suffering always.
But, Jesus' admonition
to "keep close to me"
gives us the confidence to walk on:
confident we are never alone."
- Ruth Kerr

I will
sit again
and ponder.

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