Sunday, October 5, 2008

so where is the laughing?

Some life transitions are deep and hard and scary. These are times when laughter is not always evident or obvious....but my experience teaches me that even in the worst moments of life....there is still room to laugh.

Yes, it seems the Laughing Pastor has not been laughing much on this blog lately.

Yes, sharing ones story and journey of faith I believe is a calling to not only reveal the happy and strong and successful, but also requires one to be vulnerable enough to reveal the sadness in life, the moments of weakness and to be upfront with failures.

Part of blogging, sharing ones story, is being honest. That is what I've attempted to do here. I don't write these words hoping friends and family and church members won't find them. The simple truth is that I've already shared these stories verbally in my life with those I live with and work with, so there is really nothing to hide.

What I've discovered is that revealing my fear and anger and sadness has opened the door for others to do the same.

It is my hope and affirmation that God will not leave me or anyone else at the bottom of a pit too long....and because I so strongly believe this I have courage to tell my story warts and all knowing that one day joy and laughter will return two, three, four, five, twelve-fold.

Perhaps if those who read these words stick around long enough they will witness God's faithful presence and peace, God's healing in action.

Hint: It is already in motion....God's healing in my life that is.

What have I learned this week: Some people don't mind kicking a person when they are already down. I've also learned that some pastors and bloggers think that honesty in telling ones story is a sign of weakness and is wrong and should be hidden from other people, especially the people you live and work with.

What did I learn at church today? Those members who do read this blog are mature enough to handle my ups and downs in life and are also spiritually mature enough to understand what I have been writing and saying.

Because God has been, is and will continue to heal me....I don't have to run away to another congregation just because things haven't gone the way I expected. Instead, God is calling me and mine to persevere in life and in ministry....and that is exactly what we will do with each others help!

If faithful saints before us had not have had faith enough to stick together...we wouldn't have much of a story to tell. Sometimes sticking together requires much of each other. I am discovering there are enough people in the church I serve who are not flinching at the challenges that have come our way.

Because I've been willing to honestly share, to seek help, to listen, and to encourage others to do the same.....God's presence and power and love have become overwhelmingly evident to me once again.

P.S. I've added a new blogger to my blog list. Welcome Heaven's Highway.


Caroline said...

What can I say? Good for you, that's what - I don't know you, I live half a world away but I send you my best wishes and my respect for you because you are true to yourself and your beliefs.

Stushie said...

Amen! You are a bold person, with a lot of Celtic passion as a pastor. I like that.

God be with you.