Sunday, October 5, 2008

only three more weeks...

My wife is setting aside her ordination....hanging up her robe....and as Barbara Brown Taylor says, "Leaving Church."

Not church altogether.

By the very grace of God she still believes that God is faithful even though she's seen the worst Christ's church can offer. But having said that it is important to add that along the way there have been amazing relationships, encounters with the holy, and deep satisfaction. However, as God calls one into the parish ministry God also calls one to ministry outside ordination and the church.

She preached today....she had the courage to tell her story, how God remains faithful. She was both vulnerable and powerful, humorous and drop dead serious. She was bold and humble. Today she revealed yet again the depth of her faith and love.

The church is losing a phenomenal preacher,
pastor, and teacher.

Though God has called her to go into a new direction, I can't help but think that God shed a tear today.


Caroline said...

She has the courage of her convictions, her faith, and she has your love and support - she will be fine, I know you both will be

praying postmodern said...

I am glad that you are proud of her and obviously lover her deeply. Keep it up.