Friday, October 3, 2008


After four years of watching my daughter play volleyball her team is finally winning. The first win of the year was against a team of young women who looked like they've never played the game. We tried our hardest not to hoop and holler to loud, you know act as if we've won before. Since then they played some good teams and won!

Finally! They finally have 4 wins and 3 loses. We expect to have our 5th win on Tuesday.

After all these years of encouragement and has paid off. I'm really proud. Go RAMS!

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Caroline said...

I watched my nephew play rugby last weekend - they won for the first time in for ever and I discovered that a rugby aunty is every bit as scary as a soccer mom - I'm afraid I did not show the reserve that you did,I shouted and whooped like a nut, poor nephew....well done for having a bit of dignity there