Friday, June 6, 2008

Welcome Bill Tammeus to my Blog!


Do thoughts of spending an eternity in hell motivate you to believe a particular religious creed or to act in a way that you think will help you avoid that?


And what does your religious tradition teach about hell?

The June 3 issue of the Christian Century, generally considered a mainstream or liberal Christian voice, contains a collection of essays from various theological thinkers about hell. In some ways, it's a little surprising to see such a publication devote so much space and energy to a subject that, frankly, doesn't get a lot of attention these days in Mainline churches.

Perhaps even more intriguing is the almost unanimous insistence among the writers that the doctrine of hell has -- and must have -- an important place in Christian theology and that people who want to throw it out give away far too much.

Bill Tammeus is a Presbyterian and Religion Writer for the Kansas City Star. The bottom line....this guy is good. He will now permanently reside on the right side of my blog! Check him out!

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Bill said...

Thanks for listing me on your blog. You might want to fix the misspelling near my picture. It's Tammeus. Cheers, Bill