Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mayor visits my office!

Let me introduce to my blogging family Mayor Steve Mitchell.

Mayor Mitchell called me today and asked if he could come by and visit. It seems that my latest posting on the local newspaper blog made it to his desk. I do admit the last posting there was written with a bit of anger.

I've emailed the Mayor twice, sent one personal letter and approximately 100 letters from our congregation were sent his way. He informed me that he had not seen the 100 letters! I told him he should go back to city hall and track them down!

Today was the first response from the Mayor....and what a response it was. Though he visited in person he did offer his best politicians speech. In Texas we call it the Texas Side Step. He side stepped a few times and made it clear that we were coming at the issue of homelessness and poverty from two very different perspectives.

He told me that if we were to build facilities or provide services for the poor and homeless then they would come. In other words the city doesn't want to do anything to attract such people! Perhaps at first they would come.....however over time the crowds die down even when we are talking about services for the needy.

The Mayor promised that he would get back to me as to what it means when the city says they "support" the local community ministries. He asked me what I expected.

I expect more than verbal support. I expect tangible support. I'll wait and see the tangible evidence the city can stir up!

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