Sunday, February 10, 2008

and they gave the pastor a shotgun during worship...

5 dead in strip mall shooting; gunman at large

BREAKING NEWS: Shooting near Prescott mall; one officer involved

Gunman Kills Eight, Then Himself, at Omaha Shopping Mall

US gunman kills five at city council meeting: police

Police: Masked Gunman Kills Veteran Oakland Journalist

How many more of these headlines will it take for our country to come to terms with the fact that current gun control laws are not effective and need improving? How many more people will have to die?

There are many churches in our country who have posted notices on their doors that fire arms are not allowed on church property. It seems a simple request does it not? Not long ago in our neighborhood a gun mis-fired in a synagogue sticking a young girl. She did not die, thank God. But the incident caused the synagogue leaders to take action.

Guns in the church? It seems a logical thing that guns have no place in the church.....and yet on a day of celebration they honored one of their ministers with the presentation of a shotgun in the sanctuary.....during worship?

Did anyone think this one through? I can't imagine a young child in the pews looking up to see his/her minister holding a shotgun. What about the person sitting in the sanctuary who has lost a loved one because of gunfire? Who thought that bringing a shotgun into the sanctuary for any reason at all would be acceptable? God! They gave one of their ministers a shotgun during worship!
This is about one of the most stupid things I have heard of. Nothing to laugh about this time!

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Sometimes people just don't THINK!