Friday, February 8, 2008

history coming alive.

In the 1940's my grandfather, Louie M. Weisinger, owned a Pontiac dealership in downtown Conroe, Texas. He went out of business long before I was born yet the building that held his shiny new vehicles still stands. My parents would drive me by the place while growing up. The building is not that elaborate, but it has lasted the times! The building was not designed by an architect but it still is sturdy.

My grandmother, Mary E. Weisinger, designed the buildings. She sketched out the design on napkins and paper. She told me her favorite part of the design were the curved glass block windows on each corner of the building. The front entrance has a bit of flare too. It's the typical art deco style.

I received a newspaper article in the mail today. My mother cut out the story. My grandmother would get such a hoot out of the plans that are coming to life. The city is transforming her old building into a new Theater center!

Unfortunately the name of the theater will not share my grandparents story. So happens a long time lawyer who has a knack for raising money will get his name permanently plastered on the very bricks my grandparents paid to erect. Oh well....I know the story. And I plan to sit in that theater one day in honor of my Nana and PawPaw!


Anonymous said...

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Bridget said...

Is the story online? I don't even remember the name of the Conroe paper! Is the the "Courier". MAN, that was a long time ago! Who are they naming it for.

laughing pastor said...

The Courier is the news paper. They are naming the theater after Rigby Owen Jr. He is a life long resident....and was part of a controversial Hospital deal in Conroe. He was a member of the Presbyterian Church in the 70's. He got mad at the church and left when he took it upon himself to purchase a horrible little pipe organ for the church. He was the chair of a committee and he got power hungry. That organ was taken out of the church in one week. It sounded like a circus pump organ.

The story is online at The Courier look up the article:

Title: Construction set to begin on new downtown theater.

Written by Brad Meyer in the Feb. 3 paper.