Tuesday, February 12, 2008

an idea...not original to me...but works.

How do allow younger people in the church to participate? Sadly, younger people in the church often means people in their 40's! This idea worked in one church:

Scenario: An outreach/mission committee frets over the fact that no one wants to help with thier work.

Commentary: The committee spends more time fretting than asking others to participate. And the key word above is "their". It is their work!

Idea that works: Children and the youth can be the avenue to getting younger and middle age adults involved in a hands on way. Here's the proven plan:

The Outreach/Mission committee hands over 500 to 1000 dollars to the children and youth Sunday School classes with the challenge that the class do two things. Grow their money and determine how the money will be spent to help other people.

Specifics: We gave each class cash money! Some of the children had never touched 100 dollar bills. They were amazed. We gave them their challenge.

Results: Guess what happens when children and youth begin to brainstorm mission. Their parents and other members in the church get involved. The children and the youth figured out ways to grow their money. Funny thing.......adults go hog wild over young people who desire to to serve others. The $1000 initial investment grew into almost $4000!

This idea generated interest, and inspired new people to participate in mission.

And think.....the Outreach Ministry has had this idea for three years and they've offered these excuses:

1. How do you know that it works? I tell them. Don't trust me.
2. We'll look at the idea. Almost a year passes, no response.

Some in the church are not interested in getting young people involved.


FatDoctor said...

Hmmmm...seems like another church I know of, where the concept of making Sunday school rooms comfortable and inviting to children is met with horror.

Death of a church is preferable to growing to some people.

Debby said...

When I was raising money for my son's private school I read a book called "raising more money" that talked about how to get people involved in your organization.

The basic idea is that people are almost always willing to help your organization but they don't want to have to do it *exactly* your way.

Letting people help and give what they want often leads to getting the help that the thinks it needs. What I saw was that we ended up getting the help we really needed...our boxed-in view was wrong.

Just my .02

FWIW: I really gain spiritual insight from you. Please keep writing.