Monday, December 10, 2007

God spoke to me this week...

God spoke to me this week, not through a burning bush or a cloud in the sky, but through a young boy and an older man. The older man called me on the phone and asked if he could come to the office and visit. I told him to come. He said, "I knew you would be there and I knew you would tell me to come."

He came to my office and told me he didn't want me to do anything other than listen. I don't have a need to "learn" or to pray. I just need to talk. He told me his most incredible experience while trying to help someone in need. The tragedy was that the person he was attempting to help died right before his eyes. He talked and talked and talked. I never said a word. I wrote some words on a piece of paper, words of scripture, prayers, and random thoughts. I folded up my written words and stuck them in his hands as he got up to leave. I hugged him tightly. He thanked me. I never said a word.

His words were God's.....this faith we speak about is real, and it matters.

A young boy stopped me after worship. He had an offering envelope stuffed with papers he had colored and written on. He told me that he had prepared an early birthday present for Jesus. This is a child who just started coming to church....never having been part of a church. Sure enough his papers were colored.......solid. He must have used ten complete crayons to create his gift. One other paper was in his gift, a little prayer card filled out with his writing.

He wrote: I pray for Pastor Blake.

God spoke to me again. This child is praying for you. Do you see how I work? This little child is praying for you.


Mary Ann said...

Beautiful story! What a wonderful gift for baby Jesus and you. Long time reader here- first time commenter.

laughing pastor said...

Thank you for your comment Mary Ann.
I appreciate hearing from my tiny little blog family!

Mary Ann said...

Wow- a comment to my comment! I do enjoy reading your blog- found you through FD. If you like, you can email me through my profile and I will intro myself properly(since I am part of the little blog family) :)