Sunday, October 14, 2007

what makes a happy church?

God may call us to be and do, but it is only what the people in the church are willing to do that makes the church. I've been asking people today what they are willing to do. What are they willing to show up for, participate in? One women at our study tonight said the well known news that 20% of the members do the work. "We all know that don't we? Our problem is that a new 20% are not stepping up to do the work."

So why don't we embrace the facts. If a new crop of leaders are not rising why don't we respond accordingly? The member who said this also said, "I am at a time in my life that I just want to be." My response: "So why don't we create a ministry that is about being?" Let's build our labyrinth and pray together. Let's have Taize' worship and prayer groups. Let's just be for a while. If we learn how to "be" then we may just attract new members.

The congregation loves good music.
The congregation will pay for youth ministry.

So lets pour our money into music and youth!

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