Saturday, October 13, 2007

she's better than...

My wife pulled her out of the glove compartment! We don't keep gloves there, we keep c.d's. My wife bought her yesterday and put her in the c.d. player and said listen. Oh, my gosh I forgot how perfect she is!

She is as perfect as:

Eating freshly baked shortbread....light....crispy....buttery. Dip it in hot, silky chocolate and then bite. Can you taste the perfection? That's K.D. Lang. She's perfection.

O.k. she's like those fill your plate pancakes. I remember a cafe in Austin, Texas. I got a plate of full sized ginger bread pancakes with butter melting on top. Drizzle maple syrup on top and then take a bite! Can you taste the perfection? That's K.D. Lang. Her voice is perfection.

Maybe you relate to Red Velvet Cake.

Oh Lord! That moist deep red cake, layered with buttery sweet icing. Take a bite please. Can you taste the perfection? That's K.D. Lang. I almost wrecked my car she was so good.

I first saw her on Austin City Limits while living in Louisville, Kentucky. She was dressed in a quirky country skirt with a snap down western shirt. She looked odd....but when she opened her mouth and sang.....Perfection.


shawn said...


SHE'S a Canadian !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don't let folks in Texas know you're a fan of a vegetarian, lesbian feminist musician ... they'll run you outta town Brother !!

But it would be for a good reason ...

Way to GO !!!

TwinB said...

Interesting you went only to food; she is obviously erotic.

laughing pastor said...

sounds like something only a lesbian would understand.

laughing pastor said...

that previous comment written by mrs.laughingpastor;

TwinB said...

Perhaps unfair, ms.laughingpastor.
Anyone, especially those who have lived the experiences she describes in her lyrics/poetry, can recognize and appreciate the sensual, seductive, erotic nature of K.D. Lang. You don't have to be a lesbian to get there, just need to be alive.

shawn said...

HEY !!!

I have loved KD since her button down plaid days complete with the hideous glasses ... She rocks ... her voice, her lyrics ... all of it is just awesome!!

I have always been KD fan ... her sexuality and food preferences are irrelevant to me - her talent is first and foremost, and she has lots!

laughing pastor said...

My laughing wife misunderstood your first post Shawn. She didn't know you were a liberal Canadian, a liberal human. She said, "Opps, sorry."

We love lesbians too!
Now I guess we can add Canadian lesbians to the list!

Fat Doctor said...

Do you have the CD "Hymns from the (48th or 49th - can't remember which) Parallel? It's divine. PaniniFreak saw her in concert with Lyle Lovett. Went for Lyle, but sang KD's praises afterward.