Friday, October 12, 2007

This is the post office in Fowlerton Texas. It once was surrounded by a booming town with hope. The Fowler brothers moved from the Chicago area to South Texas in the early nineteen hundreds with the hope of building a planned community.

My great-grandfather was a carpenter. He built boats for some time on the Gulf of Mexico. He got a job from the Fowler brothers and helped build Fowlerton. For a moment in history Fowlerton thrived. My grandmother grew up there. I have her diploma from Fowlerton High School.

The Fowler brothers dream didn't last though. Drought and financial problems caused Fowlerton to become what it is today.....a virtual ghost town in the middle of nowhere. But this nowhere land is where part of my family story is rooted.

Thankfully I had the opportunity to visit Fowlerton when I was living in South Texas.

It was just like my grandmother described.
It's not an attractive place....but my grandmother's stories make it part of my story. Mesquite trees, and heat are all there is left now. Oh, a few people still live there....not many.

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